Or you could call them TikThoughts I guess

Image: Hello I’m Nik via Unsplash

As a 30ish millennial, I’ve recently experienced something completely new: something on the internet that isn’t built explicitly for me. Every social media platform that has reached some level of success has, at least initially, pretty much been made for millennials. TikTok isn’t though.

Though the torch has been passed…

So much software is essentially unusable. Less can be more.

It’s 2012. You look down from the Obama-Romney debates to scroll through your phone for a bit, tapping on the Instagram icon. You decide to post something, here are your options:

  • A square photo

It’s 2022. After getting your booster shot, you want to share the news with your followers…

When we’re fish it’s hard to notice the water

NYC’s ‘Open Culture’ (photo: Ed Reed/Mayor’s Office)

Words have the power to change how we see things and how we think. In life we are often fish who don’t know what water is, going through the motions in our default state, unaware of the environment around us. …

The cream rises to the top, sort of

Those who are intrinsically the best at what they do tend to have the best outcomes. They are some of the most followed creators on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever. They are the Super Bowl winners, MVPs, and platinum-selling artists.

But there are plenty of great performers that don’t achieve…

Only boring people are bored. Here are a few things I’m excited to explore in the new year.

One of my favorite self-descriptions is a “polymath” — basically somebody who is interested in a lot of different things. Maybe it’s a byproduct of flipping through encyclopedia volumes as a bored kid just before the internet swallowed time and information as a whole, or maybe it’s some deep desire…

There’s an old saying popularized by former President John F Kennedy, “victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.” While he was referring to the phenomenon of countless big and small contributors coming out of the woodwork taking credit for good things and saying “never knew ‘em” to…

Ben Guttmann

Founded/Built/Sold Digital Natives Group. Adjunct Lecturer @ Baruch College. NYC/Queens cheerleader in whatever time is left.

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